Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We attended the annual Trunk or Treat down at the church. My jedi, astronaunt and pumpkin were ready to go fetch some CANDY!
The look on Ava's face is priceless!

Sam and Ethan filling their bags.

A face only a mother could love! We stopped by mom's house to show off the kids and since she has an array of bandanas she found the perfect one to go with Jer's outfit.

Ethan showing off his jedi moves!

Munford Halloween Party

So every year we enjoy attending the Munford's Halloween party. Codi goes all out and makes it fun for the whole family. We had lots of good food, dancing and funny games.
Ava took the easy way out when bobbing for her apple!

*Sam, Canyon and Ethan*

Ethan figured out how to grab them by the stem.

The kids performed follow the leader, tried fear factor and wrapped up their mummies!

Sam and Canyon didn't know what to think about some of the games. I think they liked being entertained instead of being the entertainment.

So this year Codi thought it would be fun if we were all the village people. We performed "Macho Man," and "YMCA." Josh was our big cheif, Codi sexy police officer, Chrissy construction worker, Heather army, Amber construction worker, Kyller cowboy, Jeremy biker and our sailor, Andy is watching the Yankees play! Good times!

Jeremy's mustache and chest (looked more like a brillo pad) kept falling off!! Jeremy and Nick were partners in a hot dog game....need I say more? Our kids couldn't stay awake so we missed the adult fear factor but I do know that hot wax was involved...OUCH!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bingham Halloween Party

*Rand and Shemri*

We went to the Bingham's Halloween party and had a smashing good time! Yummy soup, a great band and amazing friends.

Jeremy and I dressed up as vampires. We had a few wardrobe malfunctions beginning with I couldn't keep my teeth on! The cement was horrible! If I would have known I could have gotten some from work. I love my hunky vampire! I never thought I would see Jeremy put make-up on, especially lipstick! We were a finalist for the cutest couple. The devil and angel beat us out.

*Chrissy and Steph*

*Rusty, Tammy and Bo*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Run

Ethan and his first grade class getting ready to run!!
Sam, Matthew, Stratton and Peyton cheering on their siblings!!
They had their Halloween party at preschool that day so they came all dressed up!
Way to go Ethan!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

On October 24th my mom came down to watch the kids in their primary program which Sam would not say his part because he fell asleep on the stand....but we will save that story for another post...maybe. The kids were really excited when Grandma arrived because they had been waiting all week to carve their pumpkins with her.
For some reason Ava wanted the seeds back in her pumpkin?? I would take them out and she would put them back in! She then wanted piglet on her pumpkin so I traced, (not as good as Ethan) and carved. And in the end she really didn't care:P

In the past we have painted, modpodged and poked lights through our pumpkins. Kids and carving knives scared me! But this year my boys were very insistant on using carving knives. Sam didn't want a pattern. He drew a face on his pumpkin and Grandma helped and observed him carving his pumpkin. When we took it outside and put a candle in it, the wax melted out of the pumpkins mouth! The pumpkin looked like it was drooling:)

The boys did so good on their pumpkins this year. Ethan wanted a pattern so he traced one on using a roller. When he pulled off the pattern he had every little detail on the pumpkin. I couldn't believe it! I think maybe he might be a surgeon someday...I am hoping a plastic surgeon so he can help is mommy out!

I think they are making their own pumpkin faces! I couldn't figure out how to turn my flash off in the dark and keep Ava from running out of the picture. By the time I got piglet carved out she was done with the pumpkin fun! Thanks PaPa Randy for the great pumpkins this year!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Proud Parents

We are so proud of Ethan! He is in the 25 point club for accelerated readers after the month of September. The goal for first graders is 50 points for the entire year! He loves to read and we are thankful for that. Way to go Ethan! It is hard to see him in the newspaper picture but it is the first time he has been in the paper so I had to post it. He is on the front row.

Papa's Pumpkin Patch

*Pumpkin Patch Crew*

Papa Randy always plants a fruitful pumpkin patch. Ethan and Sam got to help him plant the seeds so it was even more fun watching their pumpkins grow! Thanks for all your hard work Papa!

*Ava found one just her size*

*Searching for the perfect one*

* The pumpkin vines seem to reach up, grab Ava and pull her down. She kept falling and screaming, "Mom, I stuck!"*

*I love this picture of Ethan and his perfect pumpkin.*

* Sam wasn't picky about which pumpkin he brought home. He went for the small, manageable pumpkins!*

One of my favorite fall treats!

Along with candy corn, pumpkin cookies, and mini candy bars, I love caramel apples.
We all had a little apple with our caramel!!

Family Home Evening Ideas that go terribly wrong!!

Family Home Evening is the ONE thing I make certain of every week. It is my kids favorite day of the week. I do try to plan out fun lessons with activities but sometimes they don't always turn out the way I think they will! For example, we had a lesson on forgiveness, we wrote down things we needed to "let go." Everyone got a balloon to put their slips of paper in. We headed outside to let our ballons/hurt feelings go. Ava wasn't excited about letting her balloon go. As we waved goodbye to our balloons. Dad was in the bushes with his bb gun shooting their balloon down!! The boys thought it was great and they wanted to take a turn. I think they will remember shooting the balloons down more than forgiveness but oh well...I tried. So the story behind the play dough, we had a lesson about bullies. The activity was with the play dough. The boys were very excited and I have to admit, I love the smell of play dough!! Ava ate more than she moulded. Jeremy and Ava were making this nice buck. I was really impressed then he added the deer droppings!! Will the boys remember the lesson on bullies or the deer droppings? At least we are doing family activities right?
*Ethan and his buck*

*Sam and his creation?*