Saturday, October 31, 2009

Munford Halloween Party

So every year we enjoy attending the Munford's Halloween party. Codi goes all out and makes it fun for the whole family. We had lots of good food, dancing and funny games.
Ava took the easy way out when bobbing for her apple!

*Sam, Canyon and Ethan*

Ethan figured out how to grab them by the stem.

The kids performed follow the leader, tried fear factor and wrapped up their mummies!

Sam and Canyon didn't know what to think about some of the games. I think they liked being entertained instead of being the entertainment.

So this year Codi thought it would be fun if we were all the village people. We performed "Macho Man," and "YMCA." Josh was our big cheif, Codi sexy police officer, Chrissy construction worker, Heather army, Amber construction worker, Kyller cowboy, Jeremy biker and our sailor, Andy is watching the Yankees play! Good times!

Jeremy's mustache and chest (looked more like a brillo pad) kept falling off!! Jeremy and Nick were partners in a hot dog game....need I say more? Our kids couldn't stay awake so we missed the adult fear factor but I do know that hot wax was involved...OUCH!

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