Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

On October 24th my mom came down to watch the kids in their primary program which Sam would not say his part because he fell asleep on the stand....but we will save that story for another post...maybe. The kids were really excited when Grandma arrived because they had been waiting all week to carve their pumpkins with her.
For some reason Ava wanted the seeds back in her pumpkin?? I would take them out and she would put them back in! She then wanted piglet on her pumpkin so I traced, (not as good as Ethan) and carved. And in the end she really didn't care:P

In the past we have painted, modpodged and poked lights through our pumpkins. Kids and carving knives scared me! But this year my boys were very insistant on using carving knives. Sam didn't want a pattern. He drew a face on his pumpkin and Grandma helped and observed him carving his pumpkin. When we took it outside and put a candle in it, the wax melted out of the pumpkins mouth! The pumpkin looked like it was drooling:)

The boys did so good on their pumpkins this year. Ethan wanted a pattern so he traced one on using a roller. When he pulled off the pattern he had every little detail on the pumpkin. I couldn't believe it! I think maybe he might be a surgeon someday...I am hoping a plastic surgeon so he can help is mommy out!

I think they are making their own pumpkin faces! I couldn't figure out how to turn my flash off in the dark and keep Ava from running out of the picture. By the time I got piglet carved out she was done with the pumpkin fun! Thanks PaPa Randy for the great pumpkins this year!

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