Monday, August 31, 2009

The best part of making cupcakes is...

licking the beaters!!

First Day of School

Sam's first day of preschool. Ethan started the day before so he was a little disappointed that he couldn't start school the same day. When I dropped him off he wrapped his arms around my leg so I was peeling is arms off! I don't know why he is so bashful away from home.
*Sam and his teacher Krishelle*

Ethan's first day of first grade. I started getting weepy the night before when Jeremy gave them their father's blessing for school (yes, Ava insisted on getting one). The morning school started I read them the "Kissing Hand" and yes, I think I am the only one that was crying!

* Ethan and his teacher Mrs. Marshall*

The three musketeers!! Jake, Ethan and Jason entering the doors of the first grade.
When I took Ethan to the first day of school he just ran off playing with his friends. I was left in the dust trying to hold back my tears. The following Friday, Jeremy took Ethan to school. I asked him how it went and he told me he just ran off and left him. Jeremy said he felt like chopped liver! We are proud of him though last year there where alot of tears so this year is a huge difference. One I am not sure of yet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Eight cavities!!!!

Sam went to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned and yes I am ashamed to say he had eight cavities!! Yes, I am a dental hygienist with a son with eight cavities. I knew when he was two years old we were going to end up here. I remember hearing something in the middle of the night so I got up to check and see what it was. I wasn't surprise to find Sam sitting in a chair eating candy. He was sitting in the middle of a pile of candy wrappers!! He also used to, well maybe he still does, have candy stashes in the house. I have found them in shoes, under his pillow and stuffed between books. A sweet tooth is putting it mildly!
He was a very brave boy getting the sleepy juice. He watched Tom and Jerry through the whole procedure. Dr. Moulton said he would never think of Tom and Jerry the same again.

Bowling for the first time

Our kids had never been bowling before so when the Tietjen family said they were going, I jumped in and invited ourselves!! Jeremy's hunt had started so the kids and I are always looking for something to do while he is gone. And since it is 110 degrees outside, indoor fun is always welcome.
Check out Sam's perfect form.

The floors of the bowling alley will never be the same. My boys left there imprints!! Sam would throw the ball like a baseball!

Ethan won with a score of 105!

Ethan and Koden

I let Ava push the ball down the alley. The first time the ball just stopped before it got to the pins so Wesely walked down the gutter and gave it a little push. So from then on I gave her push a little extra speed! Her brothers were there giving her much needed support. After she pushed the ball she would wave to it and tell the ball "bye."

Yes, she ate them!!!!

I think the picture says it all!! The sweet sticky taste of toe jam!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh the funny things kids say...

*Sam and Ethan were discussing how they could get up to Heavenly Father and Jesus just to visit them for awhile. Sam thought a rocket ship would get them there. Ethan told Sam that Heavenly Father and Jesus sit on the clouds and watch over us. Sam looked out the window and said "I don't see their faces in the clouds."

*We went to visit my Dad. Grandpa Keith took the boys and their suitcases up to the room they would be sleeping in. Sam looked around the room then looked up at my Dad and said, "Grandpa I can't sleep in this room because the bed has pink sheets and the wall has pink on it." Ethan said he didn't care. He was too tired and he didn't care what color the sheets were, he was going to bed. Sam and I did end up sleeping in another room that night.

*When traveling, Sam informed me that he was hungry and he needed a hamburger with pickles and cheese. So I pulled over at Wendy's. We were going thru the drive thru when Sam asked the gentleman working where Wendy was. The gentleman was very confused. Sam again asked where Wendy, the girl with the braids, was. I finally stepped in and told Sam she probably went home for the night.

*One night we were eating zucchini for dinner. Jeremy had me look the other way so he could steal my zucchini off my plate. Sam started yelling, "Mom, dad is eating your bikini!" I hope he didn't say that at Sunday school.

*Speaking of church, I was getting Ethan his shirt for church when he informed me that the shirt was growing out of him so he needed another one.

*Jeremy was fixing the TV when he finally got a picture on the screen. Sam looked up at Jeremy and said, "Dad you're a geneius."

*Ethan had an ear infection so while I was putting ear drops in his ear Sam said to me, "mom why do you have to put a hairy ball in his ear when your done?"